October 21, 2008

Our Weekend Adventure...

A wedding, Thanks-Hallow-Christmas, and Strep throat....Oh My!

I first want to explain that the writing on the pictures is refered to as a watermark, and it's to prevent thieves from stealing pictures and using them on a false site. I know it sounds crazy, but it happens more often than you can imagine!

The above pictures are from the wedding. My dad has better pictures that I will show later. Peanut was the flower girl, Roo the ring bearer, and the last picture is of the newest Mr. & Mrs. P! Welcome to the family Mrs. P! You have waited a LONG time to hear that! :) We love you guys, and I can't wait for some cousins for my kids! (hee hee!!) We had a blast (my husband had WAY TOO much of a blast, and for the newest Mr. P....I am really sorry!), and the wedding was perfect and beautiful. We have another wedding in just a few weeks, and my hubby, Peanut, and Roo are all involved again! Phew! This wedding stuff is hard work, albeit a LOT of fun!!!

We next had our yearly family get together, affectionately called Thanks-Hallow-Christmas (so creative!). We play dirty santa, eat, and catch up on all the latest family news (and watch football, WOOHOO!!! Go Bills!). We had it at Cousin "L"'s house this year. They bought a new house, and completely remodeled it. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I mean, beautiful! It was the perfect place to host it. Cousin L, D, Aunt D & KJ all chipped in and gave us the travel blankets for the carseats! It was fantastic, and I am beyond words. Thanks guys! The kids were spoiled rotten during the whole event, and we had a lot of fun.

We are all on antibiotics now, and feeling much better. This form of strep throat was NASTY. I am glad to have it behind us. This morning it was SLEETING!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!! (I am a northern girl! You live in Erie, you BETTER LOVE SNOW!!!!) so below are some cute pics of the babies in warm buntings....

Next are some pictures from the past few weeks of the babies falling asleep in the middle of doing something. HAHAHA!!!! SO CUTE!! They get so tired doing all of these new things that they literally just fall asleep sitting up (picture #1 is Miss Bubbles who fell asleep sitting up!!!). #2 is LMSunshine who fell asleep while playing in her jumparoo, and #3 is the Pumpkin who fell asleep waiting for mommy to serve him dinner. Don't worry, I rescued them after I took a picture!!!! Must have the memories!


Friend In Reach

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I saw your post on Triplet Connection. I miss the baby stage for my triplets...well, maybe not. ha ha. Take care, Alicia


Love the pictures! Both of your kids looked SO NICE for the wedding! Beautiful!

The ones that made me laugh though were the sleeping in odd positions pictures! TOO FUNNY!

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