October 23, 2008

NINE MONTHS?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

My babies are quite the individuals, and though the experts have told me that Miss Bubbles and LMSunshine are identicals....I find this impossible to believe. They are SOOOOOO different in looks! I am thinking on doing a DNA test to prove them wrong, but I don't really care that much. I KNOW they are not identical. Here are the breakdowns on each child up until now. Each picture captures their personalities perfectly! :

Miss Bubbles, Baby A.

She's the happiest baby in the WORLD! Never have I seen a child so happy. She's always smiling and giggling, and when she does cry....we all RUN, because we know something is really wrong! She's the smallest, the feistiest, and the most advanced. She can stand alone, cruise on furniture, & crawls like lightning.

Miss Bubbles requires the most sleep, but she's the most resistant to it. She wants to play all day. We often find her asleep among her baby toys, as she falls asleep in the midst of playing. She is not interested in the Baby Einstein videos that her siblings like (which we use to keep them quiet at dinner time!), she would rather explore the contents of a laundry basket....her favorite hobby.

She still spits up a lot. We have her severe reflux under better control, but it's still a problem. Luckily, she's gaining weight....and she's starting to look better than she did. She's still skin and bones though!!!!

Little Miss Sunshine, Baby B.

She's gonna love this picture someday, eh? LOL. To be fair, LMS is not *always* crying. She's just very whiny. She likes to cuddle, and unfortunately lap time is a precious commodity around here. She is -by far- the most sensitive triplet. She's a lot like her brother Roo. Actually, LMS is Roo's "favorite" triplet. (I don't encourage favoritism...but Roo INSISTS that LMS is his "Favowit!") She always seems to be thinking about something, and is actually saying a few words already. She chatters ALL day long (just like a little boy I know!), and she even wakes up in her sleep to talk to herself!!!! I just laugh and laugh when she does that! So CUTE!

She's the odd man out most of the time. Bubbles and Mr. Pumpkin hang out a lot, and leave whiny LMS behind. I think part of it is because LMS is not mobile yet. She's starting physical therapy next month. She can do a very odd crawl, but is not even close to doing it the correct way. She also is not sitting upright yet. What she lacks in mobility she makes up for in verbal skills. LMS reminds me the most of myself out of all 5 children.

The Pumpkin, BABY c.

Baby is in all caps for a reason. He is ALL baby. I know birth order could not have played a roll, but he has definitely taken on the roll of the spoiled baby of the family.....and he loves it. He likes to be the center of attention. His favorite thing in the world (besides food) are kisses from anyone who will give them out. He eats almost non-stop, and if we are not careful he will eat his own socks. :)

He's all boy, and nothing gets him going like Daddy. He loves to wrestle, and is much more rough than his older brother was at this age. Throw him in the air, tickle him, and give him food.....he's all yours! He's simple to understand. He only wants the, love, and a clean diaper -but don't make him wait! I have NEVER seen a worse temper on a baby EVER! He can go from happy to angry in a millisecond!

I can't believe my sweet babies are 9 months old!!!!!!!!


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