October 15, 2009

What's goin' on....

So, my stomach is still not letting up. No food other than a few saltines have passed my lips. The dry heaving continues.....but I wanted to update the blog.

Me: Quite honestly, I am exhausted. I have really not had any time to myself, and I always seem to be behind. But seriously, what's new?

Josh: BUSY, busy, busy. He's working like crazy. October, November, and May are the busiest months for Josh's business. It's kind of like his tax season, so he's not home a lot. We are lucky if he gets home to eat dinner with us, or to put the kids to bed. Business is good, so I can't complain too much...but I miss him.

Reagan: She's adjusting to school. She's not as tired as she was, which is good. She's in Girl Scouts now, which is totally adorable. Reagan is doing well in school, and has made some friends. She likes Computer Lab the best, and hates art class. :)

Ethan: He loves preschool, and has NO plans of turning 5. He tells me, "I am NEVER going to kindergarten, because I want to stay with mommy forever!" Still the mama's boy. :) He loves his babies, and plays with them all the time. They get so excited to see him because he chases them around and plays peek a boo with them for hours.

Delaney: She shrieks. Top of her lungs, blood curdling, screaming. She has hour long conversations with anyone who will listen-in baby babble, complete with head nods, and hand gestures. We laugh that she completely and totally inherited this from Josh, our communications major. Delaney is the Queen Bee. She rules the triplets with an iron fist. She's taller and stronger than Addison, and she kind of bullies a cute way. Joel is very passive, so conquering him is no big feat. Delaney and Joel are like oil and water, and they tend to avoid each other. Laney and Ethan are BFF's.

Addison: Addie has the most words. She can put phrases and small sentences together. She's very short, and has sweet, adorable rolls of baby chunka. I love it. Her hair is curly, but the longer it gets...the more loose the curls become. Addie LOVES getting out of her clothes. It's like a game to her. She takes them off, and then tries to put them back on. I can't keep her in her clothes. Addie is also the most cuddly with Josh and I. She loves hugs and kisses. She's a very sweet girl, who loves Reagan and Delaney. She's going to be a very girly girl.

Joel: Joel is starting to get some speech. He says "Mama" "Dada" but does not use them to label anyone yet (meaning that he might call me "mama", but he also calls Ethan "mama"...or the cat "mama"). He says "no", "meow", and "wow". We are improving. Joel LOVES TO EAT! It's his very favorite thing to do, and it shows. He's a big boy. He's not as tall as Delaney, but he's close. He weighs 27 pounds, and when you compare that to Delaney's 19....well he's BIG. Joel loves toys with wheels. Cars, trains, buses...if it has wheels, he loves it. He gives kisses and high 5's, and he adores Reagan.

That's about it for now. :)