October 27, 2009


By now I am sure you have heard that you can get a refund for your Baby Einstein videos, due to a complaint lodged to the Fed by the CCFC.

They ACTUALLY STATE that parents in the US believe that Baby Einstein will make their kids smarter. I HIGHLY doubt that is true. What I believe is that Baby Einstein (and videos of the like) have provided weary moms, like me, 30 minutes of no screaming, crying, and whining, while they do something (obviously neglectful, as the CCFC suggests) like cook dinner, use the restroom, play with another child one-on-one, or even clean up the house a little.

The CCFC goes on to state that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) states that children under two should not view TV.


I suggest that it's impossible to completely eliminate media from a child's life...unless you remove all media from the home, which is unlikely in most American homes (like mine).

I also want to state that most mothers, like myself, are busy. We devote our entire worlds to our kids. I spend countless hours reading, playing, and consoling. Is it so bad to pop in a video that captures my kids interest so that I can have time to prepare dinner without 20 month old triplets screeching at me??? DO they suggest that I have the 20 month old triplets help prepare dinner where they risk injury with the knives I use, or the hot stove I use to cook in??? Is the CCFC ready and willing to pay for a nanny so that I can gladly go about my necessary household chores without any media playing in the background?

Of course, who am I kidding. Noggin (now Nick Jr.) is almost constant background noise in our home. Mother of the year, I guess not!

My kids view media everyday. They also get HOURS of undivided attention from their mother. Sometimes as a group, sometimes one-on-one. I read to each child individually every single day....yet I still use the TV as a babysitter occasionally.

Does this make me a lazy mom? Maybe. Does it make me a smart mom? Maybe.

This is, once again, an activist group making sure that they do their part to "educate" the masses with their ideology, while harming one of the corporations that has had a slice of capitalism.

My word...Let mom's and dad's DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES what is right for their kids to view, or not to view. The literature is out there, and it's OK to educate yourself and make an educated decision.


This is so silly.