July 24, 2009

Praising God for Miracles...

Many of you know about this ongoing battle to figure out what is wrong with my daughter Reagan's neck. This all started on May 21, when she had a severe neck spasm...and no apparent injury. We ran her to the ER, and her first set of films (a CT scan) were taken.

The ER let us go with some pain medication, and we were to follow up with our family physician. Our family doc sent us back the the hospital the next day for plain x-ray films. She had an apparent C1 and C2 subluxation (instability...the spinal column slipped), and possibly some spinal deformities.

From there we were referred to the Shriner's Hospital of Erie. When the doctor pulled up her CT films on the computer he saw what looked like bony growths on the tip top of her spinal column, and possibly more. The subluxation was still there, though she had moderate range of motion. He decided to take her films to St. Christopher hospital in Philadelphia. More waiting. The doctor in Philly said, "MRI". We waited for an appointment to be set up at Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital. She had the MRI on 7/9/09.

I called and called. Our doctor apparantly had been placed on medical leave, but the nurse assured me that everything looked fine.

This past Thursday I was taking Reagan and Ethan to Vacation Bible School, when I noticed that I had my phone on silent. I noticed that Shriner's had called, so I quickly called them back. The nurse sounded worried and said, "Dr. S is still on medical leave, so I had a few of the other doctors look at her MRI, and they are very worried. Can you bring her in at two o'clock this afternoon?" Of course I agree.

I call and call to find babysitters in a crunch, which has always been difficult for us, and we were blessed by two of our good friends who graciously gave up their entire afternoon and came to help out. I really wanted Josh with case of bad news.

We arrived, and waited for quite a while. Once we were back there, the doctor came in and said that she her films were not good and that he wanted to put her in traction, and bedrest.....

then he did her exam.

He was AMAZED. He said that she had full range of motion, and that he was shocked. He sent her back for some plain x-ray films....3 different angles.

They were all completely negative.

He used the word HEALED!


She still has a bone spur, but he says that it will not cause her any issues at all.

The doctor was amazed, we were rejoicing. He could not believe that we had been dealing with this since MAY, and her films were still bad on JULY 9, but that she was now FINE.

Thank you, thank you, thank you....your prayers were most appreciated, and they WORKED!