July 20, 2009

'Nake funerals, and Tent Sleeping...

Welcome to Not ME! Monday!

I did not not

attend a snake funeral yesterday.

My husband did not hack a garden snake in half with a garden tool.

My bleeding heart son did not cry because Daddy murdered a "NICE 'Nake Mommy! Daddy killed a NICE 'nake!"

Bleeding heart Mommy did not coddle him, and give into the idea of a proper burial for a garden snake.

NOT way. ;)

I also did not, not, NOT suggest to the big kids that we have a camp out last night. In a tent. NOT me.

Why would a person supposedly do such a crazy thing on a SUNDAY night??? may have told the kids that we would sleep out as much as possible this summer, and one Mommy may be looking at school starting in only ONE MONTH, panicked, and picked one of the only rain-free nights and said...WHY not?

I'll tell you why.

Ethan likes to sleep ON me.

Reagan sleep talks, and wrestles with her pillow and sleeping bag all night long.

The triplets damaged my bladder beyond repair, and I still pee like 3 times a night.

It was in the 50's last night.

We had a heavy dew.....


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