June 12, 2009

An Update on Us.

Living in limbo with one week down, and one to go. Actually I am supposed to hear by the 22nd, so I have 10 more days at the most. I am trying my best to live in the moment, and NOT in the future. God tells us not to worry, and I am doing my best NOT to worry. So, I am taking and dealing with my emotions on a minute by minute basis. I am actually doing really well because I have faith. I have faith that this is all in HIS plan, and considering there is not much I can do about it on my own, I am petitioning God and asking for mercy on my daughter.

We had a scare with Ethan, and as usual....he is our laughter.
I was running my fingers through his beautiful blond hair and GOBS of it fell out in my hands. I FREAKED out. FREAKED. I started lining up baby sitters, calling the doctor, you's been my life lately. I assumed the worst without assessing the situation at hand. About 45 minutes after the hair incident I realized that he had been using his dull child scissors to cut paper for an art project. While I was not looking he had chopped someof his hair. It was not sharp enough to shear it off, but when I ran my fingers through fell out.

AHHHH!!!! That scared me SO bad!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

So, that's what's going on around here. I am in a blogging funk lately, and I think it's because of the warm weather. I have been outside a lot lately. I twitter frequently, so any updates will probably go to my twitter account before here
(because I can twitter/facebook with my cell phone!).

I REALLY and DEEPLY appreciate your prayers. We *are* holding up, and I am not waiting for the "boom" to be lowered. My gut tells me that she's OK, and I am praying that I am right. Until then, I am holding on to the fact that God's plan is perfect.
Our world is NOT perfect, but His plan IS.

He loves me, He loves Reagan, but we live in an imperfect world with all kinds of disease.
It's just fact.

Won't it be wonderful when He restores this Earth to it's former glory??? I can't wait to see it.



I think you said it best: "Won't it be wonderful when He restores this Earth to it's former glory???" What a mess we've made of the place...

Thanks for the update. I just came from spending an evening with a family that has been through gobs of medical junk with their daughter. It's hard to see them struggle through it, but I've learned SO MUCH about our Lord and His faithfulness through it...and that's just me as an outsider.

The Amazing Trips

Hang in there, Christa. Life can hand us some very scary situations at times. I'll be holding Reagan (and all of you) in my prayers.


Waiting with you and praying. You are all in my thoughts.

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