May 21, 2009

Not the best day.

First, I will explain WHY I am not having a good day.

Last evening, around 5pm, Reagan was just sitting in the grass. All 7 of us were outside, but no one was near her. All of the sudden she starts screaming in terrible pain. My first thought was a bug bite...but nothing was there. I took her inside where she continued to scream and scream. I was still afraid of an allergy so I gave her some Benedryl and had her lay on the couch. She screamed until she fell asleep.

Very unlike Reagan.

We had steak for dinner, and Reagan loves steak. She was in too much pain to sit at the table, and that's when I decided to run her to the ER.

I was SUPPOSED to go to the grocery store. I have not been able to get groceries in 2 weeks, and I normally go once a week. We are not only out of dinner ideas, but we are out of essentials. I really needed to go to the store, but of course Reagan is much more we go.

Little did I know that when we reach the ER (on a Wednesday night) that it was packed full. They sent me to "fast track" where I waited for over 2 hours to be seen. Reagan and I had to sit beside a hyper 2 year old with a fever of 103. Yeay.

Once she was seen the doctor was furious that a child in that much pain had to wait so long.


She had a CT Scan of her neck which showed inflammation (she was obviously having neck spasms when the doctor looked at her), and what could be a malformation of the spine. So, we need to see a neurosurgeon....but that's for another day. I think she was just holding her head funny during the scan because of the pain, but I am not a doctor.

She had pain medication, and felt relief almost immediately. A HUGE relief for me!!!!

So....we get home after 1:00am, and go to bed. Not 2 hours later Ethan is at my side wanting to sleep with me.....because he wet the bed. He takes up more room than his tiny body should!

Now it's 8:00. Reagan is out cold. I HAVE to take ALL 5 kids to the grocery to at least get some essentials for the day. I hate going out with all 5 of them. Not only is it a circus, but I always end up forgetting things.

I need to snap out of the pity party. I can do this, I just don't want to.



Praying for her neck to be okay.

Barclay Kathryn

Oh my, I'm sorry. Wish I could watch a couple for you. : ) Did they ever figure what was wrong with her neck or they think its the spine thing causing the pain?

Christa @ Quintooples

No, I really think she just turned the wrong way and it sent her into a muscle spasm. So far today she has not needed any pain management, which is great. We even made it to Walmart without incident.


Ug! I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Queen Mumma

I hope Reagan is doing better. I was in the ER Wednesday until 1am too. My youngest dd had an allergic reaction to an antiobiotic. It was a scary couple of days.


oh gracious, christa! i'm so sorry y'all are going through this. i hope reagan is feeling better soon!

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