May 8, 2009

I AM a SUPERMOM...sort of

Well, It IS Mother's day weekend after all.
Here's a picture from this morning...

I have worked really, really hard over the past 2 5 years. I believe in humility, and I am.....humble. Sometimes annoyingly humble. (I have been told that I won't take a compliment) I hate being called "supermom" because I'm not! The proof is below:

At Reagan and Ethan's well child exam's the doctor kind of chuckled when he looked in Ethan's ear. He looked at me with a crooked grin and said, "He has a little white bead in his ear, and it's been there a while....the skin has grown over it." Sitting there holding him while the doctor dislodged the bead I thought...."Mother of the Year....I think NOT." Heh.

Later that same day, a moment of redemption. Reagan read her first book. Not at preschool, not at Kindergarten, but at home. I don't believe in pushing kids to read, so Reagan has done this all on her own. She read book #1 (Mat) and book #2 (Sam) from the Bob Books series.
Talk about flying HIGH. That's about as good as it gets Ladies and my kids, probably.
We all have the capability of being supermoms on a daily basis. The number of children we have makes no difference in what kind of a parent we are...just how many gray hairs we have! For myself, today I am admiting to the world...I AM a GREAT mom. My kids are happy, healthy, thriving, READING, and we survived a year of triplets.

Josh and I have gone on this journey alone, and WE are happy and thriving. Sure, we would love more alone time...but we will have years and years and years of time to ourselves when our house is empty and quiet in 20 years. We will still be young (in our 50's), and I will guarantee you one thing....

We will desperately miss the noise of children.

So. Here's to us SUPERMOM's. May we enjoy the noise for today, because while it may drive us crazy won't last forever. The future will be filled with quiet days where we long for the "noise" of our youth.




I concur - you are a supermom, and what the heck, so am I! Any time I begin to stress about our threesome, I remember you and your fivesome. And I think, hey, triplets are a piece of cake. And then sometimes I go eat a piece of cake, because being a supermom requires extra energy!

And what a great picture of your kids! Four smiling and looking at the camera all at once! So beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! (we can make it a weekend, right?)


Well said, Christa. You need to give yourself more credit! ((hugs))

Happy Mother's Day!

The Wilcoxson's

I am a supermom too! My "safari" love each other and I still love them at the end of the day. Everyone is a supermom in their own way. I love the doctor story, I am sure you laugh about it now. That is the funny thing, all we can do is laugh sometimes because there is nothing else we can do. Now I will tell you that I will miss the noise but I will enjoy the companionship without 5 around.


So true! You are a supermom. Not perfect (who doesn't forget things/ lose socks/ cheat at dinner/ give in on tantrums from time to time) but still super!
All your kids are happy and loved (and pretty cute to boot!)

Well done for getting through it together.


Oh meant to say, love the blog printing thing. Going to order one!


That is very funny about the bead...hey it happens. No harm, no foul.


You do sound like a super mom!!! Great post, I liked how you made it 'real!'. Happy Mother's Day

Always a Southern Girl

Hi, Love your blog. I hoped over here from Hey Mama where's my...

You have a bunch of cute little ones. I'll come back and visit again soon. Happy Mother's day.


I too don't know what to do with myself when the house is quiet. It feels like something is wrong.

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