May 31, 2009

Getting Quintooples to Church...

It all starts with coffee brewing, and kids running down the steps.

1. The babies need a bath. Undressing, De-Diapering, and navigating 3 toddlers into the bathtub for a quick scrub is taking longer than I anticipate.

2. Laugh as I witness 3 naked babies/toddlers running around the bedroom as I attempt to diaper and clothe all 3 of them. Josh is bringing me supplies like lotion, medicine, diapers, etc...

3. Bring the 3 toddlers down the steps and strap them into the booster seats and give them sippy cups.
4. Make all 5 kids waffles.

5. Make sure kids EAT waffles, and not throw waffles.

6. Reagan's shower.

7. Make sure Reagan gets dressed

8. Ethan's shower.
9. Make sure Ethan get's dressed...appropriately. He likes to wear winter clothes...all year long.

10. I finally get in the shower. Josh cleans up breakfast.

11. Josh get's in the shower as I get dressed and pack the diaper bags, and get snacks ready.

11.5. Ask Ethan if Mommy can take a picture. He whines and runs away. I take pictures of the remaining children.

12. Break up fights such as..."He looked at me!" and "She touched my toe!" and "Why does Ethan get a drink of water...where's MYYYYYYYY WAAATTTTTTEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!" and "Sissy's being MEAN!"

13. Pack the kids into the van.

14. Arrive at church. We open the hatch of the van to hear a CRASH. The extension piece of the wagon fell out, no harm done to the wagon or passersby.

15. We march into church with triplets in the choo-choo. I feel like passing out candy because I always have the feeling that we are a living parade. Everyone is happy to see us, though the toddler room workers always have a harried look when I bring all 3 of them in.....Of the 7-8 toddlers in the room, 3 of them are ours.

16. We go to church, and in a's over. We gather the troops, and pack them back up.

Sometimes I it worth it? Really???

It is.



That sounds nuts! Trying to coordinate all of that day in and day out. I think that it must be a day off for you just to stay home inside with the kids, lol. They are adorable!

The Carpenters

It is. You're right. So worth it.
I feel the same way, and I just have a 2 1/2 year old and twin 8 month olds. I do feel like a parade...often!


I thought just packing up our 3 boys every Sunday was a lot - I am in awe! I'll say a little prayer for you next Sunday as we're packing up for church ;)
Jody - mom to Brett, Jackson & Peyton - 13 months


At exactly what time does that coffee start to brew? ;)

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