April 25, 2009

Product Endorsements: Ring Sling, and Bumper Stickers

I love ring slings. LOVE them. They are easily adjustable, and double as a nursing cover (use the excess tail of the sling). You can wear baby in any number of ways....snuggled on your chest, facing out, nursing position, on your hip (my favorite), even on your back.

They don't give you back pain at all if they are used correctly. Just make sure that the sling is fanned out over your shoulder and carrying baby is effortless.

Warm snuggles AND hands free!!!! It's also a much better position for baby than a front pack is. I remember when Reagan was 7 weeks old I went on a walk to the park to watch Josh play softball. When I got to the park I realized that her feet were losing circulation in the pack!!! Her little feet were turning blue!!!!! I took her out of the front pack, and bought a sling....and I have never looked back. LOVE 'em.

Some people are so good at wearing their babies, that they can shop, clean, cook, or whatever while nursing!!!!!! I was never that good at it, but it is possible!

Baby wearing does take practice, but once you get the hang of's great.

Slings I have tried, and love.......
Maya Wrap: Original Ring Sling

Bumper stickers???? Yep. I have to blog about this. I got a stick figure bumper sticker from they were fast and affordable, and I LOVE my sticker!!!!!!!! Check them out if you get a chance!!!!

(No, this is not my sticker!)

For those of you inquiring, no...I don't get a kickback from any of my endorsements. These are items that I have found and love....and I want to pass them along to you!



I always see those bumper stickers and think they are so cute!


It is too funny...I have a bumper sticker like that and use a ring sling for my babies, and daycare kids. I have a babymoom it.

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