April 3, 2009


So, since it's day to say what's on my mind I thought I would bore you to tears with my ranting about my political beliefs. I WAS going to beg you to check out THIS measure supported my some in congress. I think it's a FABulous idea, and petitions should be signed. That's all I am sayin! I am TRYing to keep politics off this blog, and if you know me in real life you would know how passionate I am about a certain 3rd party. Hahaha! I am thinking about turning my 2nd little lost blog into a political/eco blog. I am very, very, very complex. :) A crunchy, non-pot smoking, pro-life, libertarian. How much more complex can you be?!?!?

On to the topic for today. I am shouting out to my hubby. We have been together for over THIRTEEN years now. ::gasp!:: Our 7th wedding anniversary is coming up on May 11. We have had a really really really bumpy ride from day one. We've fought hard to make our relationship work, so hard that having triplets has not phased us (as a unit) that much. I digress, as this post is not about's about him.

Josh is a 30-something self-employed salesman. He sells a variety of insurance/financial stuff that seems as boring to me as watching grass grow. If you are lucky enough to have him as an agent you can be assured of one thing...integrity. In the field that he works in Josh is a rare breed. Instead of working for the quick sale Josh has worked for the past 8 years to build a solid reputation of trust in the community. He answers every single call personally. If there is a problem he *will take care of it, commission free.

People sometimes tease him about the strange hours he keeps. Sometimes he's home in the mornings...but what they don't see is that he's tied to his cell phone. He's on call all day, and all evening. He takes meticulous notes on every phone call, making sure that he returns every single call with an answer in a timely manner. He understands that he is dealing with retiree's financial security, and it *does matter to him.

My point....he works HARD. Why??? He's no work-a-holic. He does it for ME. For US. His work can be stressful. There are deadlines, goals, requirements, paperwork, enormous amounts of phone time (thank you T-Mobile for unlimited talk time!), and he works on 100% commission. If he fails, we don't get paid. With a family of's that for stressful?

He's amazing to me. I could never do what he does. I don't believe in soul mates, for a variety of reasons that most would probably find very boring, but if I believed in that sort of thing...he would be mine. I chose a life with him, he chose a life with me, and God has blessed us....5 times over. :)



What a wonderful tribute to your hubby :) Mine has been working hard as well at 3 jobs so that I could stay home with our kids. His field is chemistry related which I understand about as well as how to keep my kids from fighting...catch my drift :) We have butted heads from the beginning as well and I have to has never been boring with him but I wouldn't know how to have a life without him now. We are blessed women...that's for sure!

Following Him

Amazing hubby will agree too. I am amazed at the "good" of what he does too :)


Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. Glad to know that some people in the financial sector are still honest.


Your husband sounds like a keeper. :) Happy (early) Anniversary!

Your fellow crunchy, non-pot smoking, pro-life, libertarian.


Just found your blog and look forward to reading more.

We had our first 5 babies in 4 years ... and everyone thought for SURE we were done. Then ... the day after the twins turned one, we found out that #6 was on the way. Hubby said, "Please Lord, just one this time."

But, did we stop there. No!

Those 6 are now young adults, and I can't imagine having an empty nest. I'm kept quite busy homeschooling the younger 7.

We had our 6 oldest in 6 years. Then a 3 year gap. Then our "middle child". Then a 3 year gap. And, now we have our 6 youngest in 6 years.

Life is FUN!!!

mama of 13


What a wonderful tribute to your husband!

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