April 29, 2009

Birthday Week: Part 2, 4/28/09

Happy Birthday Reagan!
Officially 5 years old at 10:28 on 4.28.09!!!

She was so sweet! A pink cupcake with purple frosting...
She was so excited. :)

Daddy brought home 5 balloons for his birthday princess!

The loot...

Reagan opening a new Ponyville toy...

clothes for her Barbies...

She actually enjoyed her clothes!
Ethan tossed his over his shoulder
(think "A Christmas Story"...)

Gifts from Papa Cake (a scooter, not pictured),
Nana & Grandpa!!! So much fun!!!!

Reagan had a great day. Her favorite gift was from Papa Cake. She loved her scooter!!!
She was so excited that Daddy brought her home balloons, and she squealed in delight over her pretty pink and purple cupcakes. I know she had a great day.

Five years has gone SO fast.
I never imagined how wonderful being a mommy would be...
...and you were the perfect first child.
You are sweet, smart, and beautiful.
I am so proud of the little girl you have become.
You are honest, and already have a high sense of integrity.
You are mommy's girl, and daddy's princess.
You have both of our hearts.
You are our miracle baby, and you continue to amaze us every day.
You are a girly girl, and I love it!
God has gifted you with a tender heart,
and I pray that He will continue to keep you, and bless you in this way.
You are a wonderful sister. Your baby sisters LOVE you (Joel too!).
You love teaching them, showing them around the world....
and you are really GOOD at it!
You and Daddy have the same spirit, and I enjoy watching you grow.
God has a plan for you, and I can't wait to see you grow and blossom...
Just not too fast.
I love you with all of my heart and soul.



Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out

She is beautiful! Happy Birthday Princess!!!!


Happy Birthday.

My "baby" will be 5 soon too. Its gone too fast.

Hoping for our own Peanut

i love the pictures with the clocks, such a great ideas!!

my brother and sister are a day apart too..well, with 4 years between!

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