March 28, 2009

Product Endorsement: Praise Baby DVD's, & Radian Carseats

The Praise Baby collection is exactly what the title leads you to believe. It's a collection of Praise and Worship songs (contemporary) with a baby Einstein-ish feel that each and every single one of my kids LOVE. When they are tired, and cranky I pop one in and it's instant soothing. The woman who sings it has a beautiful voice and I find myself singing's not done in a grating or annoying "kidz" like version. I can NOT say enough good things about this product.

If you are a Christian mama, I would say that this is a great investment for your child, and for yourself! They have several volumes, the newest being the lullaby DVD & CD. I have listened to almost all of them, and I like them all. We are actually listening to "God of Wonders" right now.

Praise Baby Website
Praise Baby on Amazon

This is an Excellent investment, WELL worth the money. This is also a FABULOUS baby shower gift. It's something that the new mommy will come to love in the days to come, and it's sure to be a unique, one of a kind gift!

My next endorsement could be for anyone, but it's mainly for women who have many small children, or for women who plan on having many small children. Most states wisely have a rule that children need to be in a carseat until they are 8 or 80 pounds. (that's the rule here in PA, by the way!) In neighboring OH, it's 4 or 40 pounds but I suspect that will if you go to a neighboring state, you must obey the laws of that state. It's always better to obey a more stringent law if you travel to a different state often. (we live on borders here in Erie...we sit on both the OH and NY borders)

When you have many small children, as I do, fitting them all into the car, in carseats, is next to impossible without buying a bus. HA! I am not buying a bus. The minivan was bad enough. The wonderful women on my triplet support group led me to a carseat that is narrow, and can easily fit 3 on a bench of a car or a minivan. If you have ever tried putting 3 carseats on a bench you will realize how difficult this is!

Meet the Radian 65, and the Radian 80. I chose the Radian 65 because Josh and I are small people, and our kids are very small. Reagan will not be 80 pounds until she hits middle school. Ha! If you and your kids are very tall or trend to be bigger, I would get the Radian 80...just so you don't have to buy yet another carseat. The Radian is a VERY safe, very well made carseat. My children are 4 & 5 and look very comfortable in their seats. Other features of the seat is that it folds up and is light weight....ideal for airline travel. It even fits infants from 5 pounds and up, so if you are not a fan of infant need for one of those either!

The cheapest, with free shipping I could find was HERE. I hope this helps someone with many small children!!!


Nicole O'Dell

Thanks for the tips! I'm ordering Praise Baby right now! :)


Yay for the Radian!!! I agree that it's one of the best seats available right now. We have the 65 and love it! I am so passionate about extended rear facing and this is the perfect seat to get you through the car seat years.
Good review!

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