March 8, 2009

Endorsements: Eczema and Shoes

2 of my triplets has eczema, and one of them has it so very severely that it covers her shoulders, belly, back, and thighs. We have tried EVERYTHING from home remedy's to prescription medication. NOTHING has worked....until I found a miracle in a bottle. Shikai has a product called Borage for Children, and it has made a HUGE difference in our lives. It's relatively pricey compared to other lotions....but it's SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! Delaney's eczema is fading and her skin is FINALLY BABY SMOOTH!!! She's not itchy, and the patches that made her look diseased are almost gone. We bought ours at Wegman's, but if you are not fortunate enough to live near the best grocery store in the world...HERE is the website.

By now, most people have learned of soft soled shoes. I call them sock-keeper-on'ers. They are marvelous little leather shoes that do not impede foot development, and allow you to let your child walk barefoot, as nature intended, without losing socks.....or getting your kid's feet dirty. I have been buying shoes from a company on EBay since Reagan was a baby. They are CHEAP, and well made. Don't spend $20, $30, or more on a pair of shoes your baby will out grow in a few months. I will attest to the reputation of this seller. They are based in Canada, so you may have to wait an extra day or 2 for delivery. They ship SO lightning fast that I have never noticed the delay at all. OH, and they are CUTE!!!! See this EBay store HERE.



After your post awhile back on TC about this ebay store i went to it and bought a TON of shoes for my trio and we LOVE them! I can't even tell the difference between the ebay ones and the Robeez we have except a huge price difference of course! thanks for the great tips Christa!


I'll vouch for those shoes, too! Brooke has 2 pairs and Ryan has one. Ryan had a couple pairs of Robeez when he was a baby/ pair new, a few pairs used. I didn't know about these ones! I'll never buy Robeez again (at least not full-priced)! Ours shipped quickly, too!

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I am so looking into that Eczema lotion. I totally agree that nothing works. Going now! Have a great Sunday!!!

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Mrs. P-I just have to say that I LOVE your music playing here!!! I have been lookin' at other blogs for a good 30 min and have truely enjoyed them!


Thanks for the info on the lotion! Both my girls have excema and I've been trying to find a lotion that isn't really greasy. I'm going to get some tomorrow!


:) We have used the same Shikai lotion for Rachel's eczma and I love it! (She still has a prescription for bad outbreaks though.) I agree that it's a great product and I think it smells great, not a strong odor!


Thanks for sharing your recommendations. I bookmarked the page on the shoes. I am so excited to find something that is made well and is cheaper than Robeez. Jacob has head to toe eczema which is mostly contained by Aquaphor ointment but maybe I'll try the Shikai lotion next time.

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