March 11, 2009

Clarabelle and the Red Sled

Thanks for joining me for another walk! Sorry this one is so late! It's been a crazy Wednesday so far.

I grew up on in a rural neighborhood, and we always had a cow that we raised for meat. I usually had a pony or a horse, and there were always a menagerie of chickens, cats, and dogs.

One of my favorite animals was a cow named Clarabelle. She was black and white, and I taught her to be a hunter/ one of my ponies. I did not actually ride her, but I led her over small jumps. Hahaha!

One day during late winter I was obviously bored of the snow, so I was scheming of something to do. I decided it would be a *great idea to tie our red sled to the back of Clarabelle and take my little sister, and our uncle (who was 2 years my junior), on sleigh rides.

Yes, I thought this was a GOOD idea. I was young and stupid.

I found rope, and I tied the rope to the halter and attached it to the sled. I found my sister and set her in the sled. Clarabelle took one look at the sled and took off......across the pasture.

The jumping lessons paid off.....for CLARABELLE, not for my sister....

She jumped through the fence, while my lil' sis fell off the sled.

Meanwhile there is a cow with a sled attached to it running through the front yard. My parents, grandparents, and neighbors are now watching.....and chasing. I am standing, dumbfounded that my splendid idea had gone wrong.

Clarabelle is now in the front yard of the next door neighbors home with the red sled still attached, and her sides are heaving. She has slowed down enough so that she has been captured.

I was surely the talk of the neighborhood that weekend.....


Lynnette Kraft

Ha ha! Sounded like a good idea - NOT! My son tried to ride our goat (nubian doe) one day. It lasted for about 2 seconds. Kids are just funny. Full of mischief. :)

That was cute.


That is very funny, I like how you used your sister as a guinea pig--though, I was never able to understand how people could raise an animal for me, wouldn't you get attached?

Christa @ Quintooples

You would think, but when the time came...we were never sad. It was just a way of life I guess.... We played with all the animals but we knew the purpose for them was food. It's not for me a grown up myself. If *I* was to have a cow it would probably be for dairy (but Joel is dairy free so that would be silly!). It really was just a way of life. I never thought a thing about it....but I can see how it could seem weird to other people.


Haha! The wonderful things kids come up with for entertainment! Such a funny little story!


Ah, the grand schemes that we came up with as kids. I still come up with a few at times! I'm glad that you added some excitement to your neighbourhood!


I am so glad that nobody got hurt by your little scheme. Clarabelle might have not enjoyed that little idea too much though! (smile)

It will be fun to see the pranks and antics that your kids come up with when they are older.

Is it hard raising triplets? Do they keep ya runnin'?

I always thought it would be fun but tiring. And then you have two more to keep track of too... WOW!

I had two girls 17 months apart and then another daughter when they were 4 and 5. I felt like I was a busy mama back then. But having three babies at the same time must be wonderful and hard at the same time. Yet it is such a blessing I;m sure.

Your kids are so cute. You are blessed indeed.



That is so funny!!!

Christa @ Quintooples

That is so funny!!!

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