February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday: One at a time

I have decided to make it a point to take one of the triplets with me every time I leave the house. They need the one on one time with Mommy, with no sharing.

Friday: Addison came with me to Giant Eagle. I did NOT revel in the fact that I was not a freak show for a few hours. (Not ME!) No stares, no touching, only nice comments about Addie's giant blue eyes. The picture you see is Addison in the shopping cart, taken with my cell phone.

Saturday: Delaney accompanied my dad and I to the mall. We were there for hours, and she was SO GOOD!!!! I was even shocked at how happy she was to be seeing some new scenery. I guess we should get out of the house more! LOL. Who am I kidding....most days I am lucky to take a shower!!!
Anyway, my dad is the proud papa of triplets, and he did NOT announce to the first person who stopped us to say how pretty Laney was that "Oh, she's a triplet! She has 5 kids under age 5!" Not He! HA! The lady told me that she would have stopped after the second one, and gave me a disappointed head shake. LOL.
My dad is proud of his grandkids. :)

Sunday: It's Joel's turn. I took him to church (we don't take the babies to the nursery during the winter due to RSV risk, so Josh and I take turns going to church until April) and he sat with me during sunday school, church (we did play a little during church!), lunch, and choir practice. We left at 9:30 and did not get back until 2:45, but he did GREAT!!!!! I wore him in the sling, and he was happy as a clam. (Whatever that means, I am assuming clams are happy.)

I did NOT create a "blog carnival" of my own!!!!! NOT ME!!! You will see on my side bar a button for "Flabby Friday!" It's basically for ANYONE who wants to shape up to talk on Friday's. Goals, your successes, your failures, whatever! We want to form a community of accountability and encouragement. If you want to get in shape, or if you need to lose weight....this is the blogspot! Join me on Friday the 6th for our first OFFICIAL "Flabby Friday!"... The chronicles of the up's and down's of working out and depriving your spoiled stomach of it's desires. I hope you can join me! Feel free to grab the "Flabby Friday!" button for your blog to remind your self, and encourage others to join us. I hope you can join in!

Happy Monday all!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.



love the post. I love going out with one child and get all the "nice" comments instead of the "you have your hands full" ones that really both me, and I only have 3 kids. You little ones are beautiful! All 5.

a corgi

very wise one-on-one time!!!

have a great day!



Great Not Me's! I will join you on Flabby Friday and since it will be my birthday, it will be a great day to start. I'm doing weight watcgers but that extra accountability will help!

Following Him

So love that mommy and me time. Your dad CRACKS ME UP!


Very sweet little ones. Happy Monday!

Christa @ Quintooples

Very sweet little ones. Happy Monday!

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