February 18, 2009

Q & A: Love and Logic

Q: Christa, Why do you always look so calm?

A: I am always being complemented on my demeanor around my kids. People are always saying that I never seem frazzled, I never seem stressed out, and that I never look like the mom of 5 small young kids.....

Let me assure you, I feel the stress.....but you can't let them know! You can't let them know or they might think they are winning! LOL! ;)

Josh and I STRONGLY adhere to a parenting technique called "Love and Logic". It is a commonsense approach to teaching your child to take responsibility for their own actions, and to behave when no one is looking. I can assure you that it works, but it is a hard road. It can make YOU look like a bad parent sometimes. Sometimes YOU can't rescue your kid from a bad decision, but they learn not to make bad decisions over and over and over again.

I have felt the pressing stares of dirty looks from many Granny's when my daughter has made the decision to NOT wear a hat despite the 34 degree weather. She shivered, she complained, I empathized......and she wore her hat every time it was cold out again.

I could go ON and ON with examples, but let me lead you to some information......
Love and Logic Website
Love and Logic Book: A MUST have for a Love and Logic Parent
If you don't have much time, read this book (great read for teachers!)

I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM a perfect parent, but I feel that the tools that these authors have given me have made me better prepared for the task of parenting. I recommend Love and Logic for ANY parent of a child of the age of 2 and older.

Disclaimer: If your child is under the age of two, these books are not for you. Go and buy Dr. Sears "The Baby Book". That has every thing you need in it. Babies are not in need of discipline. ; )


Lynnette Kraft

Sounds interesting Christa. I'll have to check that out sometime.

There was a time when people used to seem shocked when I told them I had had 5 children...6 children, etc. But the last 3 babies when I've said "This is my 7th or 8th or 9th", they just said, "Oh that's great!" I was sad they weren't shocked. Oh well, I guess I'm just finally showing my age. :(

It's better than being called GRANDMA though! That happened to me right after I turned 40 when I was at Sam's with Harrison (who was barely 1 at the time). I about died.

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