February 21, 2009

Picture Story

I just thought the above picture was a beautiful picture of my son, even if he was in his jammies. :) I almost never get a picture of him when he's not rolling his eyes or sticking out his tongue, so I had to share! FYI: all of these pictures were not taken with my crappy Nikon Cool Pix, but with the Nikon D-70 that my dad is letting me use for a non-estimated amount of time!!!! (woohoo!!!) The difference is amazing, though I can't wait to take the kids OUTSIDE and get some nice pictures. :::sigh::: the frozen north.....and the lake is frozen, so we will be cold for a good long time....

I digress. As the triplets get older I remember back to a statement I heard when I was pregnant with the babies. Patrick Dempsey and his wife had given birth to twins, not interesting to most people...but when you are about to have multiples yourself, you listen to any advice from ANYONE. This piece of advice TO Patrick stuck out in my mind, and never left: Justin Chambers , Patrick's co-worker, has offered his own two cents as both a twin himself and the father of twins. "He said, 'They're weird—twins are weird. Take it from me."

I thought that was odd advice. But as they get older I understand...multiples are quirky beings.
Delaney is the queen bee. She's small and mighty, when I say small, I mean TINY. She weighs in at 16 pounds and she's ferocious. She's loud, and is a terrible bully. She pulls hair, bites, screams, and throws temper tantrums. Addison now runs away from her (again, the dynamics are ALWAYS changing!), and Joel's only defense is to sit on her. She's a running tornado. She knows what she wants and she gets it, no matter what. She will fight, and fight, and fight until she has what she wants. In a group of 3 there is always a leader....Laney is it.

The upside is that Reagan was the same way and I have seen the other side of this behavior. It's hard to have a toddler that acts this way, but they turn out to be responsible and lovely preschoolers. Reagan is a leader and is a wonderful kid who will do well at school, and I have no doubt that Laney is following in her footsteps.
Joel. is. so. SWEET! He gets sweeter by the minute! There is no doubt that he has disabilities at this point. We are going to end up with multiple therapists by the end of next month (he only has one now), but I don't care how behind he is. I don't care how many special needs he has or what labels are put on him when he turns 2 (I guess that's the magical diagnosing age), he is a sweet boy and there is nothing better than sneaking a Joel cuddle in the morning. He's the one that continues to giggle in the morning when he sees me, while his sisters scream and shout my name, and it melts my heart. He's mild mannered, good natured, and while he can still scream terribly loud, he is a very good boy.

He's the one who will stand up to Laney. If he get's mad enough (which is rare) he will push her over and sits on her. It's hilarious.
Then we have Addie. Addie is now the weakest of the bunch. She likes to sit in the toy bin and "read" books so that Delaney can't steal toys or pick on her. She also REALLY likes to be confined to small spaces, and always has....product of her womb conditions I assume. Addie has the biggest personality, and while she has started to walk, she talks much better than the others. Her walk is very wobbly and loose, so I think it will be a few more months before that's perfected. She's funny, and she will do anything to get a laugh. If she makes us laugh she starts to clap, because that was her goal....laughter.

As a group, the girls LOVE each other....but Laney just can't stop picking on Addie, even at AGE ONE! (ACK!) Addie and Joel are very close, and Addie and Joel often crawl to the farthest corners of their cribs and touch each other to fall asleep (we have their cribs touching). They were the closest to each other in the womb as well. They were head to head. Laney is the boss, but Addie is the maternal one. She shows the most affection for the others....BUT Laney shows the most affection for her big brother and sister (and Mommy!). Joel loves everyone. :)

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I suppose that's the downside of having a cold and long winter. We folks along the lakeshore have to wait extra long for spring.

Oh well. It's worth it. :-)

The Ties that Bind Us

I LOVE that the last picture is of your little one inside a plastic bin! Did she throw out the toys and crawl in there? How cute!

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