February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday: Power Outage Edition

I did NOT whine "WHY on THURSDAY?!?!? It's the BEST day for TV!!!" When the power went out.

I did not wonder several times throughout the days whether or not to make the adventure at home, or to go to the church....

I did not fall in love a little more in love with my husband when he made a tent out of blankets with my kids and played "Go Fish" by flashlight.

I did not laugh out loud when my Ethan decided to give me an impromptu examination. He declared me healthy when he said, "You have NO Ladybugs in your ears Mommy!" "You will be OK!"

During a very serious conversation with my kids we discovered that Reagan still wants to be a "Horsey Rider", but Ethan has decided that he now wants to be a "Kitty Doctor".

Reagan declared that at the age of 4 (almost 5), she is no longer a "little kid"... she is a "grown up", and she wants to be treated like one. When she found out that grown-up's don't wear footed sleepers she promptly changed her mind.

We took tons of naps
We played tons of games
We huddled together (all 7 of us!)
We piled together with blankets
We talked for hours
We played with the babies
We played with the kitty

I did NOT feel a little sad when the power came on three days later....NOT ME!!!!! It's funny....when all of the extras are stripped away, and all that's left is what's really important, it shows. I love the electricity, don't get me wrong....but I could do this once a year to get my priorities in order. ;)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Following Him

Glad you all had nice family time. Plus electricty is nice too :)
Have a great Monday!!!


Great Not Me's! Glad you had some enjoyable family time too!


Never underestimate the power of being powerless. Great Not Me.

Tabbikat's Thoughts


Isn't it funny how something as simple as having no electricity really helps us to see better?
I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time! Thank goodness it wasn't bitterly cold though, right? ;)

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