January 24, 2009

They are ONE.

My first born triplet, Laney (Delaney), has changed the most since birth. She started out life being fairly laid back, and got progressively more and more headstrong. She has been the first to do *everything* with the exception of talking. She was born first, she rolled over first, she sat up first, she ate solids first, she crawled first, and she walked first. In the past few months she has come from being overruled by her sister, to overpowering her. The sister/sister relationship has been interesting to watch. The two of them have become much more friendly with each other, but there is a power play going on. The pecking order is always changing in this trio, and right now Laney is at the top. Delaney has also decided that she is 100% mama's girl. If you remember from a few months ago....this is a big change. She loves daddy, but when given the choice she toddles over to me every time.

Addie. Every single part of Addison reminds me of my late Grandfather. She looks so much like him that it's just a little scary. Addie is the thinker of the bunch, and she's also proving to be a bit of a magician! She seems to squirm her way into as much trouble as possible. She can wiggle her way into the smallest spots imaginable. Addie has a list of words she can say, and everyone has a label. Mama, Dada, Bubby (Ethan), and Sassa (Reagan). She also says "What?" (which is hilarious!), "cookie", and "Done". I think there are more....but I am too tired to think. Addie is cuddly when she wants cuddled, and she is a very sensitive little girl. She's definitely the most sensitive of the triplets. She prefers Ethan to anyone else. Mommy and Daddy seem to tie for second place. She's the pickle in the middle right now. She easily outranks Joel, but Delaney is just too mobile to overthrow from the throne. Addie is starting physical therapy soon, but that's for another blog post.

Joel, the last born triplet. Ahhhh, Joel. My baby. Let's see........ Joel is passive. He has wimpy white boy syndrome....which is a real syndrome that pertains to white male preemies. For some reason white males do worse than any other race or gender in the NICU. This pertained to Joel when he was a newborn, but he's never seemed to grow out of it! He sure is bigger than the 4-something pounds that he was when he came home, but he is still an extremely passive little guy. He sleeps when he's supposed to sleep, he eats when he's supposed to eat, and he's overpowered by 2 girls that are easily 5-6 pounds smaller than he is! BUT, he's also SO SO SO cute. I swear, he could be on the cover of Parenting magazine. He's also a sweet & loving baby. He loves *everyone*, but his favorite person is Reagan. He lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees her. Reagan loves Joel too, she's very maternal toward him. Joel is a strong little boy, so it's probably a good thing he's so restrained. The girls have no idea what they are in for when they get older......!!! All I can say is they better start being a little nicer. LOL. Joel has been the last to do everything, but that's because he's had significant struggles in the first year including a very poor womb position which in turn gave him torticollis, and plagiocephaly. He wore a molding helmet for a few months. He has a seizure disorder of an unknown cause, but a likely contributor of that has been a severe milk allergy. He's in physical therapy, but he's doing so well he's only being tracked now.

Come back tomorrow! I have birthday pictures.......including cake pics!

***Please take a moment to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for baby Ian (click). He's very sick, and needs our prayers.***


Mrs. Hammer

They could all be in Parenting magazine :) I love it when they are in the one word stage but it's amazing how fast they move into short sentences. Thanks for sharing your little miracles!


I can't believe they are a year old already! I remember when you first found out it was twins... then triplets! And seriously, how do you survive without a quad stroller??? I got mine on either TC or MOST forums and I can't live without it!

Christa @ Quintooples

I don't know. LOL. I would give my right arm for one, but it's just not in our budget. I can't find one in our area used. It's really a bummer!!!! I NEED a quad stroller.

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