January 16, 2009

Product Endorsement Friday

I am always being asked advice on *must have* baby equipment. I guess having 5 kids in a row makes me some kind of expert. I don't know about THAT, but I am going to highlight a few of my favorite baby/kid products that I have found along the way every Friday.

If you are a follower of MckMama you are no doubt aware of The Miracle Blanket. I want to second her endorsement. These blankets are a miracle. We went from wiggly, arm's poking out of receiving a nice, neat swaddle. Happy sleeping triplets followed, and from now on it will be my staple baby shower gift. Every new mom MUST learn how to swaddle (watch the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD!), and you REALLY need to get your hands on one of these wonderful blankets. The SwaddleMe blanket is OK, but no substitute for the Miracle Blanket.

The next item is expensive and indulgent, and I am sad to say....not in my house at the moment. If you have a baby with dry skin, or eczema, Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath Pint by Burt's Bees is an absolutely amazing product. I actually have used it on my belly while pregnant, and on my newborn babies. It really is a wonderful bath, soothing, and leaves your skin soft without any nasty chemicals.

I have many many "favorite" baby/kid items! More next Friday!!!



I have the Burt's Bee Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath and the Lotion. Love how it works AND how it smells...I second your endorsement!


I hadn't thought of Burt's for Alex! He gets really dry knees and elbows (already!).
I was going to try some Aveeno next but maybe I'll look for this.


i had never heard of the miracle blanket until mckmama posted about it, i will def have to try it when i have another baby


If you or anyone you know has dry skin or exzema (I always spell that wrong) try RoBathol. It is AMAZING. About $15 a bottle, but I would pay $50 if I had to. Do a search on it or just go buy some! Most pharmacys will stock it OTC if you ask. We buy it as Tager or Walmart.

God bless-

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