January 22, 2009

Product Endorsement Friday, a Screwy Schedule, & Prayers

First I want to direct everyone's attention to this blog (click). A quad mama is helping her babies fight prematurity, and needs all the prayers and support that she can get. Her sweet baby Preston is in kidney failure and not expected to survive.

I am doing product endorsement Friday on Thursday because tomorrow is the triplets first birthday and I have a special blog post scheduled already!

Fuzzi Bunz:

I have a ton of cloth diaper brands that I LOVE, but only ONE brand that I can recommend for a beginner. Fuzzi Bunz makes an easy to use, leak free system that fits most babies. Once you conquer Fuzzi Bunz, then it's time to try out other diapering systems. This is how I got sucked into cloth diapers! I still have a fair amount of Fuzzi Bunz in my collection today, and they are still on my top 10 list of favorite diapers (probably #5).

I want to state for the record that I am NOT a fan of one size diapers. I just do not like the fit, and none of my kids have ever fit into a one sized diaper well.

Baby Legs: First of all, these are just so darn cute! Besides the obvious cuteness....
they are extremely useful! Cloth diapers or disposable, they make diaper changes SO easy. The other uses that I use them for include:
*Bridging the gap between pant leg and sock. In the winter, every time you pick up baby there seems to always be exposed legs stop that.
*I use these instead of tights for little girls! Nothing makes diapering harder than tights.
*Crawlers!!!! When a baby is new to crawling, these act as a buffer between baby's soft legs, and rough flooring. We started crawling in the fall, and these were wonderful for us.

Next week......Halo sleep sacks, and a must have product for a new baby.



Hey! Yes, my girls definitely have differences. They are mirror image twins too so they have opposite parts in their hair, use different hands, etc. You should have your girls tested! I am going to go study pictures of them now... LOL


Oh yeah, we have a ginormous quad stroller. It's a freak show! People always think we have 3 sets of twins since the boys are the same size. You know how it is!

If I had to guess I'd say your girls are identical. They don't look exactly alike but my girls don't either. (Not as much as my boys!) You should have them tested just to see.


Hi I just wanted to say that I too love Fuzzi Bunz and used them with my son! After trialing several brands they were also the only ones for me!

Christa @ Quintooples

Hi I just wanted to say that I too love Fuzzi Bunz and used them with my son! After trialing several brands they were also the only ones for me!

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