January 7, 2009

A Triplet Birthday Party, and Ethan as the Entertainment....

Our Triplet Birthday Bash is set for 1/24 at 4:00. Invitations are going to be sent as soon as they arrive!!!! Upon further inspection of the massive amount of toys that our children already have we have decided to GIVE BACK!!! Instead of gifts we will be asking you to donate to one of our favorite charities at the party. Women's Care Center of Erie

We are asking that you give a donation at the party in the triplets names instead of gifts! Thank you!!!

On to Ethan, the Entertainer:

"Mommy, the dinosaurs on my jammies eat my bad dreams because they are nice dinosaurs."

"Mommy, sometimes I cheat when we play games. I cheated when we played Candy Land. I SOWWY, but I will do it again."

"Mommy, I can't hold your hand because I am sticky, and you are pretty. You don't want to be sticky. OK?"

"Mommy, you are stinky. Go take a shower."

"Mommy, I have to go to the store with you. I don't want to stay home with Daddy because he never let's me eat."

(After throwing food at his sister) "It's OK Mommy. You don't need to pick that up. Sissy will do it."

Ethan has many funny faces, many funny "dance moves", and funny one-liners. The kid is a CRACK up. With that said, he is also a very sweet and sensitive kid. He's a self professed "Mama's Boy" and his favorite line is "Mommy, I love you. You are pretty, and I love you so so so so much!" I hear this about 10 times a day. ;)

How Ethan is unique: He is genuinely funny, and he is possibly the most sensitive soul I have ever met.

Reagan's day is tomorrow. :)


Following Him

Ethan is hilarious! Must be entertaining all day long...has me laughing like crazy!


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