December 1, 2008

Who's the crazy one??? (a Black Friday Tale)

I never went to bed Thursday night. It's easier for me to not go to bed than to go to bed and wake up a few hours later to shop. I left home at 3:30am. I could not decide which way to go, Erie, or Ashtabula?!?!? I decided it would be much less crazy to head for Ashtabula. Less crazy. I got to the Ashtabula Walmart at 3:52am. I told myself I was not crazy, because there were people who had lined up for an X-BOX 360 live with Guitar Hero for $199 at 1 o'clock. So...I was not so crazy. I had my doorbuster map, and I headed to my location. There was only one other person standing by the item I wanted to grab first. She was nice, and we chatted about our kids. We were not aloud to put any of the items in our carts until 5 am. Violators were escorted from the store. There WERE violators.....I was obeying the Walmart rules. Less crazy. More and more people lined up, and after waiting for an hour they finally cut the plastic. What item did I leave the house at 3:30 for? What item did I stand by for over an hour????
Yep, Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds. Hey, it was only $15 bucks! You can't get it for under $55 normally, and they are selling for $75 on ebay! I can rationalize it all I want, but I realize now that going to a store in the middle of the night, and waiting for an hour....then DIVING into the pile of Thomas' to make sure that Ethan is happy on Christmas morning....IS a *little* crazy.

What we do as mother's to make sure we get THAT special smile on Christmas morning. I also scored a $5 Barbie, BIG coloring books, $4 PJ's and hooded sweatshirts, Hot Wheels City, Littlest Pet Shop art kit, among other things. I ordered Reagan some things from Amazon, and what I realized when I got home is that 98% of stores were offering the SAME PRICES ONLINE!!! UGH!!! This has not been the norm for the past few years, so hopefully I can just shop online at 4 am next year!!!



WOW!!! Nathan would be jealous....don't tell him! He LOVES Thomas! That is a little crazy, but what mom doesn't want to see her kid's face light up when it is just what they wanted!!! :) We searched 5 different stores before we found just what the kids wanted! That's crazy too!!

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