December 18, 2008

Doctor Appointment & Ramblings about Cloth Diapering

Delaney is 18 pounds (8th percentile height and weight), Addie is 19 pounds ( 12th percentile height and weight), Joel is 23 pounds (65th percentile height and weight). They all have eczema, Joel and Laney have reflux that is still being treated, and Addie is still being treated for allergies. We are still keeping an eye on Joel in terms of delay, and seizures...but it looks like he's going to be OK. It looks like he may be allergic to milk. They are all doing wonderfully for being triplets and preemies.

Most of you know that we use cloth diapers. I used them full time on Reagan and Ethan, and we use them during the day on the triplets. We were using them part time, but have moved to full time during the day (only when we are at home) because Joel has a reaction to 'sposies. I made the move to prefolds and covers, because my favorite pocket diapers were too expensive for all three babies. was the first time I have ever pinned a diaper onto a baby. LOL. You can see from the picture of Laney, that I need some practice!!! I am going to buy snappi's and covers soon....but seeing as how we are overdrawn and waiting for a paycheck (in 5 days! ack! ) I will have to wait. I can't say I am thrilled with prefolds, as I have been spoiled with Fuzzi Bunz for so so so long....but I will get used to it! I love cloth, and I really believe in the money savings, and the ecology aspect of it as well.


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