November 4, 2008

November 4th

Go vote everyone. The world is watching, and deep in my gut I feel that everything is about to change....especially for families like ours.

I voted this morning after leaving Roo at preschool. I was number 273. BIG turnout so far for our tiny little town. I vote every year, so I did not need ID....but glancing at the voter sheet it was FILLED with "ID Required"... signaling a new voter. Surprisingly a lot of them were older people voting for the very first time!

I am anxious and waiting for the first polls to close, and the announcement of the red and blue states. PA is notoriously blue, and I (unfortunately) don't expect that to change. If you live in Ohio....GO VOTE!!!! Yours is a very important one!

Edited to add: I FINALLY got the rest of my medical records from my OB today, and I am MAD!!!!! There are so many things that I was never told after the birth of the triplets. It's no wonder they withheld them from me for MONTHS!!!!! I *was* close to disaster. How scary to read this stuff! I am SO glad that pregnancy is OVER!



I agree, I do believe the world is going to be in for a big change. I have had a sick feeling in my gut all day. oI can't wait for the polls to close.


today, i walked to the church in my neighborhood where i vote. as i was walking, i felt as if i was in a movie right before a big disaster scene. i, too, have a feeling that something crazy is going to happen...and i feel like we are a nation (at least half of us) full of brainwashed people.

i am nervous about tonight...but i trust God and His plan for us, regardless of who is elected.

good luck. ;-)


I voted too! That was the busiest I've seen at our little building! I had to park way down the road!

I know that God is in control, but it is a scary feeling! We'll just have to wait and see what happens...


i also live in a very blue state(mi) and even though i know mccain doesnt have a chance here i of course still voted! i have a feeling it is not going to be a very good night for republicans :o(

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