October 31, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you all for your prayers. I am feeling for my grandmother's husband, as he was blindsided. From what I understand, things progressed very quickly. She lived in NC, so it was rare that I was able to see her. She was a wonderful woman, and will be missed.

Please pray for my great grandmother (my grandmother's mother). She is very old, and VERY ill. I went to see her with the kids today, and we gave her some cookies and muffins. I was shocked to see her condition. She lives in a nursing facility, and it seems that things have been going south for her as well (and very fast). She is a woman of profound faith, and to see her in that condition was disheartening. Her one wish was that her daughter would find God before her passing, I can say for certain that she did. Unfortunately her mother was ill with dementia before she knew the news. I am CERTAIN that when she passes there will be a great and joyous reunion between mother and daughter.

We dressed up the children and went to the nursing home to pass out treats to some select residents. I have costume pics, and details that I will share later.



WOW! What a legacy to have your grandmother (until recently) and your great grandmother, and for your children to know them as well. Most people don't have their grandparents anymore!

Mrs. P

I know! It really is a blessing. My great grandmother has lived such a long life! I hope I have some of those genetics! :)

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