September 30, 2008


Peanut and Roo were born less than 1 year apart, which makes them irish twins. They are the very very very best of friends. So far I have not had to deal with sibling rivalry, or jealousy. My kids are never bored, and they always have a "playdate". People always ask how I handle it, and honestly....I don't have anything to handle. Aside from preschool transportation, lunch, and naptime....they entertain each other!

It's neat to see that the triplets already have this bond that Peanut and Roo have. It's been more noticeable in the last weeks. They have such distinct personalities, and they are undeniably close. The girls make each other laugh, and Pumpkin is usually being sat on by Miss Bubbles, and LMSunshine is normally chatting up a storm. She is usually talking to Miss Bubbles, who is too busy tackling her brother to notice. They are already entertaining each other, and while there are many times that I need to intervene, they are the most happy when they are together.....just as their big brother and sister are.

Right now in the midst of diapers, feedings, and a scheduled life in general, it's easy to miss the big picture. The big picture becomes more and more clear every day.... My life is blessed, and my children are lucky. They will never want for someone to play with, to share life with. Even as they grow, all 5 of them have a bond with another sibling that will be strong and will survive for life.

Mothers of multiples are often praised as "supermoms", but for me...I disagree. I think I have it pretty easy. Life is good, and I am basking in the love of my family. :)


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